Under the Sea; Out of the Closet.


Lowering my calories to 1230 per day is tough, but my swim workouts and lightly-active lifestyle turn a ton of calories so that I can eat more. So that’s always a plus.

I did swim workouts last week, and it was super tough. My asthma came back to haunt me, and an old shoulder injury began to act up. But I pushed through it, and I feel stronger than I did before I made myself swim for an hour three times last week. I burned 560 calories per workout. Awesome, right?

I’m hoping that this stomach fat goes away soon. I really want my abs to start showing through. I’ve got to watch my diet, though; that’s the main part of shedding abdominal fat. Watching my diet is hard — I had my debit information stolen, so I can’t afford healthy food right now. I have to resort to what my university offers, which isn’t always the healthiest. Once I get paid, I’ll be more strict about what I put in to my body.

More and more people are asking me to train them and to get them in shape, and it thoroughly excites me. I love being a positive influence to others, and I am more than happy to train them.

Thanks for staying around, followers. I know it’s hard, but I really appreciate you supporting me. <3

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