Under the Sea; Out of the Closet.


I apologize for not updating in two weeks; school just started, and being a senior in college working on a thesis, trying to find an internship, and being part of multiple extra-curriculars is tiring and time-consuming.

Despite the fact that I’ve moved back to campus and am surrounded by unhealthy eating decisions and opportunities, I am flourishing. My diet is on track, and I still work out three times per week. I now, however work out in cycles — one week, I’ll do running and weights; the next week, I’ll do cycling and weights; and the week after, I’ll do swimming. I may add some Zumba and yoga in there somewhere.

Currently, I eat 1230 calories per day. I really need to get rid of the rest of this stomach fat to let my six-pack show through. I’m determined to shed all of my belly fat by January.

Oh, and on a lighter note: I have inspired many others to work out and be healthy. I am currently training six people, and they consider me their own version of “Jillian Michaels” (hahaha). I help them exercise and watch what they eat, and I make sure they have a healthy mindset.

Also, a self-defense instructing position just opened up at a nearby gym. No experience necessary, and it’s $15 an hour plus bonuses. I may look into it…

Thanks for sticking with me, followers. I know it’s been a bit rough since I didn’t update much, but I promise to be better. Keep me in check, everyone! <3

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